Thursday, 27 November 2008

Search Engine Optimisation 2

After further work on we were happy to see that the search term
"padi instructor" gives our client a number 1 listing on and number 2 listing on (only behind !)
We are now in the middle of 2 other SEO projects and hope to have similar gains in the SERPs with them

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Search Engine Optimisation

This shows the Google improvement in a recent SEO campaign for a client for

SERPs ranking (all web search) Sep-08 to Oct-08

padi idc thailand 13 to 5
padi idc phuket 46 to 3
phuket idc 60 to 4
Thailand idc 40 to 3
divemaster course phuket 500+ to 9 and 10
divemaster phuket 500+ to 30
divemaster thailand 500+ to 80
Padi idc 40 to 11
padi divemaster 100+ to 42 and 43
dive instructor courses 10 to 1 and 2
dive instructor course 10 to 1 and 2
Scuba instructor 100+ to 30 and 31
scuba instructor course 100+ to 7 and 8
scuba instructor courses 100+ to 5 and 6
Padi instructor 22 to 6

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Common Questions

As I have found myself asking potential website owners the same questions when they approach us for a quote or request a website, I thought there would be value in creating a page of information and questions that they need to be able to answer before we begin work.

The page is here

The questions in summary are
1, What are your business goals
2, What is your your service, business / idea ?
3, What company / domain name have you got in mind
4, What do you think are going to be the ways that people find you
5, What is your main and minor service names
6, Timescales
7, What content are you going to provide
8, Thought about search engine optimisation ?
9, How much / how many updates ?
10, Web shop / e commerce ?
11, Who are you competitors?
12, What look do you like ?

See the webpage for more details on the questions we need you to know and other details a new website owner must consider

Tenders / Quotes

All of a sudden we have a large amount of enquires and tender / quote requests and some of the projects are pretty exciting, one in particular (a local school) wants us to manage their website after development and help train the staff which is something I would like to get into.

One thing i have noticed is its not good to rush into a project for us or for the website owner and there are plenty of steps to take to ensure the website owner gets exactly what they want

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

MSN messenger virus

Just signed on this morning to receive an MSN Messenger message sent from a client telling me to 'check out these awesome pics from the awesome party' and giving a URL with my name in it and ending in bobyup.

This is obviously a virus but havent seen any like this for a while and its particulary worrying as I know she has hundreds of contacts on her MSN and they are mainly kids and teens as she runs lots of dance schools, thats how I know her as I done her website.

I can imagine hundreds of people clicking on this link right now and infecting their own PC, the most I can do is tell my friend about this and tell her to update then run her virus checkers.

So annoying especially for all the hundreds that are now being infected ! virus writers are the lowest of the low.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

New Development Software

Just taken delivery of the new Adobe projects Dreamweaver CS4 and Photoshop CS4 as well as being very expensive they are quite vast products with lots of new features, quite excited about some of the new functionality in Dreamweaver CS4 as it now allows Content Management which gives more freedom to clients in being able to update their own sites.

Think I need to give myself a training day to learn about the new software

Sunday, 2 November 2008

SEO project

As an example of our previous and most recent SEO work we have just finished the initial work on a SEO project (6 month SEO project) on a PADI Instructor development company website (PADI IDC) and it now is one of the top featured websites in the world, so if you are comparing others work remember anyone can get a number 1 ranking on Google but you need multiple first / second page rankings for multiple competitive search terms to ensure your site
stands the test of time.

The site we have optimsed (1st month out of a 6 month SEO project) is here >>
indepth instruction

Its currently ranked on Google :

number 2 for padi instructor course
number 3 for dive instructor course
number 2 for idc phuket
number 3 for idc thailand
top 10 for
lots of competitve terms including
padi idc course
padi idc

previously this site wasnt ranked in the top 50 for any of those terms

there are over 10,000 padi dive centres in the world so its very very competitive as we are pleased our initial efforts on this site are starting to show results, this is a medium term project and will continue updating this site and two other 'feeder' sites to ensure it continues to rank highly in its sector.

There are a massive amount of steps to achieving such rapid gains but most importantly here are some of the very first initial tasks we complete for our SEO projects:

HTML tidy up / W3C XHTML compliance
Submit to all of the the search engines that are not submitted to
Full review and update of the
* Key Search term / Keyword analysis
* Page Titles
* XHTML structure (tidy up )
* Page Descriptions, Meta Keywords
* Content
* Site Layout
* Image search optimisation
* Inbound & Outbound Links
* Complete Report of before and after our SEO