Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Search market share

Was recently contacted by a Yahoo sales person about advertising and ended up amazed at his lack of search engine knowledge and had to correct his facts, and vocabulary regarding search engines.

In particular he kept telling me that yahoo has the majority of the business enquiry search engine traffic regarding the local business traffic, he quoted Yahoo having 16% market share where recently I had been reading that their market share was at an all time low as shown in the figures reported last month by hitwise.

Rank Search Engine Volume
1. 76.00%
2. 14.32%
3. 2.76%
4. 2.01%

After I directed him to these stats he said 'I can tell you for a fact that these figures are wrong' at that point i told him that his credibility was questionable.

I love people that phone businesses all day long trying to help up (telesales, by any other name) and have dealt with many regarding lots of issues but I do expect them to have some facts and integrity when dealing with 'sales leads'

Friday, 16 January 2009

impressive results

More recent goog seo results here one from a brand new (3 week old site)
car scrap yard (car disposals)

yahoo search number 1 for car disposals essex
as well as being number 1 for car disposals

and one for a long term seo project with 3 sites that offer padi instructor courses in phuket, thailand

yahoo search 2 sites in top 10 for padi idc phuket (positions 5 and 6) search where all 3 sites in the top ten for padi idc phuket (pos 2,4 and 9) search all 3 site in top 10 for padi idc phuket (positions 2,4 and 9 but with the natural search the top two sites have two places each as they both have two pages listed for that search term)

and another ...
yahoo ranking number 1 for essex dance schools

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Essex companies and their new websites

Local companies often ask me about what we can do for them and generally tell them to have a look at a couple of other Essex based company websites we have done recently and see how well they appear in the searches for them

Here is a list of our most recent websites

This includes
Newhaven roofing is only 1 month old and not 100% complete but already ranks number 2 for the search term 'essex roofing'
Google Search

Manorway autos are the 5th choice in the whole of essex for 'car repairs essex'
Google Search

Essex Steam Cleaning feature 7 times (including number 1 and 2 position) on one page of Google results for 'essex steam cleaning'
Google Search
They feature for their own website and then for other directories that they feature in, this is organic search only and not the Paid for Searches !

These sites are under 3 months old so a good example of what can be achieved

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Number 1 in Essex

we have recently been reviewed as the Number 1 Website design Company in Essex by FreeIndex website
Freeindex Reviews of Essex Website Designers