Saturday, 15 November 2008

Common Questions

As I have found myself asking potential website owners the same questions when they approach us for a quote or request a website, I thought there would be value in creating a page of information and questions that they need to be able to answer before we begin work.

The page is here

The questions in summary are
1, What are your business goals
2, What is your your service, business / idea ?
3, What company / domain name have you got in mind
4, What do you think are going to be the ways that people find you
5, What is your main and minor service names
6, Timescales
7, What content are you going to provide
8, Thought about search engine optimisation ?
9, How much / how many updates ?
10, Web shop / e commerce ?
11, Who are you competitors?
12, What look do you like ?

See the webpage for more details on the questions we need you to know and other details a new website owner must consider

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